First off, sorry for disappearing without letting you guys know exactly what was going on. As I mentioned in my last post about the major schedule change, I was working 12-16 hour days plus going to school 8-12 hours a day as well if I wasn’t at work. I did quit that terrible job so that’s nice BUT that means my savings is dwindling and rent and tuition isn’t cheap. I will probably be finding a new job in the months to come and that will obviously affect the schedule but we’ll address that when the times comes.

I would set up a Patreon but I feel like with my record of disappearing that it wouldn’t be of any use so let’s skip that. So that being said, I hope you guys will donate for some extra chapters and I will definitely try my best to keep the chapters coming.

I am in my last quarter of school for now and it would be terrible for me to fail out right before graduation. This is just a warning that the release schedule can change at any time without much warning. I will definitely try to give you guys a heads up though.

As for the schedule, lets try for 1 regular chapter a week on Mondays and 1 extra chapter a week per $25 donation, mostly likely on a Monday or Tuesday depending on my ever changing school schedule.

Thanks for sticking around through this hectic time and I really hope I can finish this series for you guys.


18 thoughts on “Announcement

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  2. Not someone special

    dude, we everyone looooooooofffff you
    study a lot if necessary, but still dont forget about your fan group


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