No chapter for now

I’m in the hospital right now getting tested for stuff. It seems I might have Periorbital Cellulitis. Yay. Basically, I can’t see out of one eye so…I can’t really tell you when the next chapter will be out. It’ll be when I can see again. 😥


16 thoughts on “No chapter for now

  1. Kortodo

    Can’t see out of one eye? Look on the bright side. Now you have the perfect excuse to wear an eye-patch. 😀

    Hope you get better soon.


  2. Sabbu

    alright, hope you get better, also when are we going to have to start calling you cyclops and where is your admission into the group know internationally as the X-men? (hopefully that wasn’t too poor taste)


  3. bcd051

    Make sure to take your antibiotics and use warm compresses on your eye (these are more to relieve pain and pressure, as opposed to curative).

    Also, if you notice that your eye starts bulging or that you are having significant pain when moving your eye, go to the ER right away.

    The good news is that, with antibiotics, it should clear up pretty quickly and there are very seldom any long-term adverse effects.

    Thanks for what you do, and I wish you well.


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