Arena Chapter 137

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Chapter 137 – Harbor battle (Part 3)

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Laptop update

So apparently the computer repair store can’t fix it. They think it was an issue with the motherboard but they can’t find a replacement. I’ll probably have to wait another month or so before buying a new laptop. I’m hoping prices drop due to spectre and meltdown but even if they don’t, I’ll still buy a laptop. So updated ETA…some time next month?

Thanks for your patience everyone.


Ok guys. Here’s the official announcement. This is terrible timing and I can totally see how it sounds like a shitty excuse due to the timing of it and how inconsistent I’ve been but I swear its true.

My laptop broke last night and I have no idea what might be wrong with it. I ran all the tests I possibly could to figure it out. Diagnostics, system recovery, every system restore point all the way back to December, system restore in safe mode back to December, reset BIOS, UEFI, chkdsk, chkdsk /scan, chkdsk C: /f/r/x, fsutil, and a ton more. Nothing worked so I finally resorted to wiping everything with a factory reset and it still doesn’t work. I just changed the HD to a SSD not 2 years ago too so…I really don’t know what to tell you. The screen just blacks out after the computer logo comes up.

I managed to pull the raws from it before wiping but even when it gets fixed I’ll need to buy Microsoft Office again. ETA to start again? No idea. I called 3 shops this morning and they all said they’ll need the laptop for 7-10 business days because they’re backlogged.

On a side note, I do admit that I have been very inconsistent with translating and that has to do with a bunch of different things in real life. In all honesty, I was seriously planning on trying to finish this series before the end of next month. The reason for that is I just got hired for a full time position and being a full time student at the same time really doesn’t leave me with as much free time as I did to translate so I wanted to finish this series up so that would be one less thing I had to deal with. But with this laptop situation and needing 1-2 weeks to fix the laptop, finishing before the end of next month isn’t going to happen.

I’ll try to keep up but chances are it isn’t going to go too well. But I am determined to finish this series either way. I know that will make some people unhappy and they’ll want me to let someone else take over to finish it faster but its my first project and I would prefer to finish what I started.

Sorry for all the delays but I promise I’ll make up all the chapters when I have a functioning laptop again.

For patrons, please feel free to withdraw your pledges and if you would like to request a refund for January, do so by the end of this month.



Arena Chapter 117

December 2/6

Turns out I posted the unedited version of chapter 116 so…re-read it if you want to.

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Chapter 116 – To the Aman Empire (Part 2)

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Hey everyone. I am scheduled for a major surgery tomorrow. It isn’t life threatening or anything but the doctor said I’ll have to do it eventually and the sooner the better plus they had an opening coming up.

Anyway. They said the recovery window would be anywhere from 3-6 weeks so during that time I’ll be on painkillers and whatnot and won’t be able to translate.

I will owe you guys 3 chapters for August and then 5 for September. I’ll make them up as soon as I recover.

Until then…sorry Patreon people that got billed for August and will get billed for September as well. I’ll make those chapters up in September (or as soon as I can depending on when I recover.)



Arena Chapter 95

3/7 for August.

I’m gonna call this one a sponsored chapter because the donations have been sitting in my PayPal for a long time and I fear they’re gonna start getting on my case about it.

So. Please thank Ian B. from New Zealand (who donated twice for this chapter), Laetitia Q. from Belgium, and Peter Y. from Minnesota for this chapter.

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Arena Chapter 95 – What happened when I got back (Part 3)

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Arena Chapter 92

5/5 chapters for July. Why for July you ask? Because I apparently can’t count to 5…It’s late because I really thought I caught up to all my chapters for that month. Thank Richard S for pointing out that I can’t count.

Anyway. Here is July’s Patreon supported chapter. Please thank all the patrons for this chapter!

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Chapter 92 – The End (Part 2)

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